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So sorry for doing nothing (literally… at least on tumblr for now :S )

As you might have noticed (or not - in that case don’t bother :) ) I have become horribly inactive on the glorious site.

That is due to a couple of reasons:

  1. I had to face some difficulties in my family (nothing too major though, luckily)
  2. I have lots of stress going on with work, applying for university, internships and the obligatory household
  3. my boyfriend (and risking to sound hyper cheesy now) whom I regard as the true love of my life, whom I just have think of and be around to instantly feel better and deeply, truly happy has left for Australia (Work&Travel abroad) about a week ago
  4. all of the above led to build up quite the amount of different stress factors that kept me pretty distracted and/or out of the mood to run a happy blog I hope to have.

so now that you know I hope you understand the striking absence of activity on this blog. 

Hopefully (probably when I’m into studying and it’s no longer this scary mysterious entity with lots of new people and having to find my way around in a new city with like zero sense of orientation) I’ll find the time and motivation again to tumblr the hell out of my free-time :D 

Lots of love to you all! Writing that felt sorta therapeutic so thanks for making me feel better as well :) 

Be kind to one-another and yourself. ♥


Melina (Who sucks at writing spontaneous texts but who cares)

 As an apology for the long tiring post - here a picture a drew last year.

This blog is going to be inactive for an unknown period of time… I am utterly sorry but currently my mindset is not fit for tumblr… lots of change going on and stuff.

Sorry guys ♥